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Our B2B Activities

This year we will be out and about with Turismo de Tenerife and our local representative  We will be joining numerous events, set-up our own dinner presentations and launch several online trainings.

Below you can find an overview of all our B2B activities. This list is not 100% complete yet. We will update you as we go. Come and see us at one of the events or do one of the online trainings. As soon as you do one activity, your name goes into the lucky draw for this Exclusive Ambassador Incentive Trip.


Thu, 28 Mar - TravDay Ghent

We will be attending TravDay in Ghent. Come and see us, leave your business card and get an update about Tenerife! 


Online Trainings TravAcademy

Learn about Tenerife with 3 different online trainings: 

raining 1: Get a general overview
Training 1 in Dutch / Training 1 in French

Training 2: Dive into nature and active holidays
Training 2 in Dutch / Training 2 in French

Training 3:  Discover premium experiences
Training 3 in Dutch / Training 3 in French

Important: after you obtain your certificate,
send it to!


DE_TEIDE_1 Large.jpeg

Avitour Anual Meetings

Come and visit us during the Avitour Annual Meetings in:
Herve (14/05)
Merelbeke (16/05)
Brasschaat (28/05)
Genappe (30/05)

And leave us your business card !

Tenerife Dinner Presentations

Have a gastronomic evening and get first hand information about the diversity of Tenerife. Come to our evenings in:

Genk (15/05
Liège (16/05)
Brugge (27/08)
Bruxelles (29/08)



Travel Experts Congress 2024

Questions about how to sell Tenerife? Or discover more about the ‘other’ side of the island? Come and see us during the annual Travel Experts Congress.

Don't forget to leave us your business card !

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